Lesson 5: All Nations and Babel

//Lesson 5: All Nations and Babel

Lesson 5: All Nations and Babel

All human ambition, all boasting, is to be laid in the dust. Self, sinful self, is to be abased, not exalted. By holiness in the daily life we are to reveal Christ to those around us. Corrupt human nature is to be subdued, not exalted. Thus only can we become pure and undefiled. We are to be humble, faithful men and women. . . .

. . . A faithful record is kept of all the acts of the children of men. Nothing can be concealed from the eye of the high and holy One that inhabiteth eternity. Some make Christ ashamed of them by their devising and planning and scheming. God does not approve of their conduct, for the Lord Jesus is dishonored by their spirit and their works. . . .

The instruction that the Lord has given concerning His work points out the right way. God’s plans and God’s thoughts are as much higher than man’s plans and man’s thoughts as the heavens are higher than the earth. God’s voice is to be heard, His wisdom is to guide. He has outlined His plan in His word and in the testimonies that He has sent to His people. That work only which is carried on in accordance with the principles of His word will stand fast forever.

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