Lesson 4 When Alone

//Lesson 4 When Alone

Lesson 4 When Alone

We should have the love of Christ in the heart to such a degree that our interest in others will be impartial and sincere. Our affections should take a wide range, and not center simply upon a few who flatter us by special confidences. The tendency of such friendships is to lead us to neglect those who are in greater need of love than those upon whom we bestow our attentions.

We should not narrow our circle of friends to a few favorites because they pet and flatter us by their professed affection…

Feelings of unrest and homesickness or loneliness may be for your good. Your heavenly Father means to teach you to find in Him the friendship and love and consolation that will satisfy your most earnest hopes and desires…. Your only safety and happiness are in making Christ your constant counselor. You can be happy in Him if you had not another friend in the wide world.

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