Lesson 11 Arrest in Jerusalem

//Lesson 11 Arrest in Jerusalem

Lesson 11 Arrest in Jerusalem

Oneness with Christ depends on the renewing of the mind by the Holy Spirit. Thus we are strengthened to walk in newness of life, receiving from Christ the forgiveness of our sins…

All disunion, all selfish thoughts, words, and actions, are the fruit of the working of an unholy spirit upon the mind. Under the influence of this spirit, words are spoken which do not reveal the Saviour. Christ is not formed within, the hope of glory. Those who live thus are sinners, though they may be disguised as saints…

… We need to seek God, that we may find Him precious to our souls. We need to keep Him as our abiding guest and companion, never parting from Him.

To be one with Christ in God is the privilege of every soul. But in order to be this, we must be meek and lowly, teachable and obedient.

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