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Lesson 1: Jesus Wins – Satan Loses

The fallen world is the battle-field for the greatest conflict the heavenly universe and earthly powers have ever witnessed. It was appointed as the theater on which would be fought out the grand struggle between good and evil, between heaven and hell. Every human being acts a part in this conflict. No one can [...]

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Lesson 12: Rewards of Faithfulness

Fellow pilgrim, we are still amid the shadows and turmoil of earthly activities; but soon our Saviour is to appear to bring deliverance and rest. Let us by faith behold the blessed hereafter as pictured by the hand of God. He who died for the sins of the world is opening wide the gates [...]

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Lesson 11: Managing In Tough Times

When trials arise that seem unexplainable, we should not allow our peace to be spoiled. However unjustly we may be treated, let not passion arise. By indulging a spirit of retaliation we injure ourselves. We destroy our own confidence in God, and grieve the Holy Spirit. There is by our side a witness, a [...]

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Lesson 9: Beware of Covetousness

he whole heart must be yielded to God, or the change can never be wrought in us by which we are to be restored to His likeness. By nature we are alienated from God. The Holy Spirit describes our condition in such words as these: “Dead in trespasses and sins;” “the whole head is [...]

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Lesson 8: Planning for Success

It is a very poor policy for men to seek to improve on God’s plan and invent a makeshift, averaging up their good impulses in this and that instance and offsetting them against all that is required by God. We are to strike true and faithful figures in tithing, and then say to the [...]

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Lesson 7: Unto the Least of These

Methods of helping the needy should be carefully and prayerfully considered. We are to seek God for wisdom, for He knows better than shortsighted mortals how to care for the creatures He has made. . . . We should help those who with large families to support have constantly to battle with feebleness and [...]

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Lesson 6: Laying Up Treasure in Heaven

The work of transferring your possessions to the world above is worthy of all your best energies. It is of the highest importance, and involves your eternal interests. That which you bestow in the cause of God is not lost. All that is given for the salvation of souls and the glory of God [...]

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Lesson 5: Dealing with Debt

Some have not come up and united in the plan of systematic benevolence, excusing themselves because they were not free from debt. They plead that they must first “owe no man anything.” But the fact that they are in debt does not excuse them. I saw that they should render to Caesar the things [...]

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Lesson 4: Offerings for Jesus

God does not receive the offerings of any because He needs them and cannot have glory and riches without them, but because it is for the interest of His servants to render to God the things which are His. The freewill offerings of the humble, contrite heart He will receive, and will reward the [...]

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