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Lesson 6: Laying Up Treasure in Heaven

The work of transferring your possessions to the world above is worthy of all your best energies. It is of the highest importance, and involves your eternal interests. That which you bestow in the cause of God is not lost. All that is given for the salvation of souls and the glory of God [...]

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Lesson 5: Dealing with Debt

Some have not come up and united in the plan of systematic benevolence, excusing themselves because they were not free from debt. They plead that they must first “owe no man anything.” But the fact that they are in debt does not excuse them. I saw that they should render to Caesar the things [...]

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Lesson 4: Offerings for Jesus

God does not receive the offerings of any because He needs them and cannot have glory and riches without them, but because it is for the interest of His servants to render to God the things which are His. The freewill offerings of the humble, contrite heart He will receive, and will reward the [...]

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Lesson 3: The Tithing Contract

The Lord has given His people a message for this time. It is presented in the third chapter of Malachi. How could the Lord present His requirements in a clearer or more forcible manner than He has done in this chapter? All should remember that God’s claims upon us underlie every other claim. He [...]

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Lesson 2: God’s Covenants With Us

God is always giving; and upon whom are His gifts bestowed? Upon those who are faultless in character? “He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matthew 5:45. Notwithstanding the sinfulness of humanity, notwithstanding that we so often grieve [...]

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