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Lesson 1 The Rhythms of Life

Our lifetime is precious, and every action should be considered. It has been granted us that we might accomplish a work that will be acknowledged by the Lord as good, enduring as eternity, if we will lay hold of it in the right spirit. Each day, each hour of life, from childhood to youth, [...]

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Lesson 13 “I Make All Things New”

God has revealed what is to take place in the last days, that His people may be prepared to stand against the tempest of opposition and wrath. Those who have been warned of the events before them are not to sit in calm expectation of the coming storm, comforting themselves that the Lord will [...]

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Lesson 12 Judgment on Babylon

Babylon is said to be “the mother of harlots.” By her daughters must be symbolized churches that cling to her doctrines and traditions, and follow her example of sacrificing the truth and the approval of God, in order to form an unlawful alliance with the world. The message of Revelation 14, announcing the fall [...]

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Lesson 11 The Seven Last Plagues

The world is soon to be left by the angel of mercy, and the seven last plagues are to be poured out. Sin, shame, sorrow, and darkness are on every side; but God still holds out to the souls of men the precious privilege of exchanging darkness for light, error for truth, sin for [...]

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Lesson 10 God’s Everlasting Gospel

In comparison with the millions of the world, God's people will be, as they have ever been, a little flock; but if they stand for the truth as revealed in His word, God will be their refuge. They stand under the broad shield of Omnipotence. God is always a majority. When the sound of [...]

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