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Lesson 2 The Great Controversy

Since 1845 the dangers of the people of God have from time to time been laid open before me, and I have been shown the perils that would thicken about the remnant in the last days. These perils have been revealed to me down to the present time. Great scenes are soon to open before [...]

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Lesson 13 How Shall We Wait?

"Good works" will begin to appear when the experience of repentance and conversion is brought into the life.... It is ... by showing that we are changed in character, through a belief of the truth, that we make known to others the transforming power of the grace of God.        

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Lesson 12 Urban Ministry in the End Time

Through Jeremiah, Zedekiah and all Judah, including those taken to Babylon, were counseled to submit quietly to the temporary rule of their conquerors. It was especially important that those in captivity should seek the peace of the land into which they had been carried. This, however, was contrary to the inclinations of the human heart; [...]

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Lesson 11 Jesus Bade Them, “Follow Me”

Every soul is as fully known to Jesus as if he were the only one for whom the Saviour died. The distress of every one touches His heart. The cry for aid reaches His ear. He came to draw all men unto Himself. He bids them, “Follow Me,” and His Spirit moves upon their hearts [...]

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